Gortite® Aluminum Roll-Up Doors

For Truck Equipment Compartments and More

Aluminum Roll Up Door

Great-looking, durable & light-weight

  • Made of strong, double-sided aluminum extrusions
  • Smooth, satin anodized aluminum finish or custom painted finishes
  • Small take-up roller allows maximum use of compartment space
  • Available with a full complement of options and accessories

Product Lines

Increased Safety

  • Keeps personnel safe by allowing them to remain closer to the vehicle
  • Eliminates damage associated with swing-out doors


  • Constructed of strong, double-sided aluminum extrusions
  • Manual and powered lock options available to keep your items secure

Attractive Appearance

  • Smooth, satin anodized aluminum finish
  • Avilable in custom painted finishes to precisely match your vehicle

Maximum Use of Compartment Space

  • 3-inch diameter take-up roller minimizes header height
  • Full view of compartment
  • Easy access to equipment

Simple, Smooth Operation

  • Fast and easy opening and closing
  • Quiet idler roller dampens noise and vibration
  • Rib design minimizes equipment hang ups

Easy Roller Door Installation & Field Replacement

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Aluminum extrusions are individually replaceable without disassembling the entire door by removing push out clips on each end
  • Choose from several one-piece side rail options, with option mounting holes predrilled free of charge.

Quality Guaranteed

  • Roll-Up Doors Manufactured in the USA
  • Stainless steel lift bar
  • Seals are made of Santoprene, which has a high resistance to UV’s and adjusts to both extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Full Complement of Options and Accessories

  • Magnetic door ajar switch allows operator to know instantly if door is not securely closed
  • Manual lock, or compact power lock with manual override
  • See-through slats
  • Inside opening handle
  • Bright, efficient LED compartment lighting

Customer Support

  • Largest sales rep and technical support network nationwide


Spring-Loaded Take-Up Roller:

spring loaded roll up door

...Maximum Compartment Space

Gortite® spring-loaded take-up rollers are only 3” diameter and allow for a small rolled-up diameter and maximum compartment storage.

...Easy Lifting, Fast Opening and Closing

Spring-loaded operation makes it easy to open and close the roll up door.

...Dynatect's Exclusive Gortite® Roller Warranty

The spring-loaded take-up roller carriers a lifetime warranty.

Durable and Strong, Lightweight Design

Slats are made of strong, double-wall of lightweight anodized aluminum, with a weather seal between each slat.

double-wall aluminum door

Stainless Steel Lift Bar

With additional bottom clearance for easy grip, roll up doors withstand force and speed with a sturdy stainless steel lift bar.
stainless steel lift bar on compartment door

Noise & Vibration Idler Roller

Foam-covered idler roller dampens noise and vibration
idler roller

Side Rail Options

Any of the side rails can be predrilled to your specifications, free of charge.  There are five side rail options available to accommodate the structure of your equipment compartment.

roll up door options

Easy to clean, UV & Extreme Temperature Resistant Components

All the flexible polymer components such as the wipers and seals are made of Santoprene.  It has a high resistance to UV’s and adjusts well to hot and cold extremes.  It also cleans easily with mild detergents.
polymer components

Individual Slat End Caps

Individually replaceable end caps provide easy disassembling, should you ever need to replace a slat.
gortite door

High Quality and Custom Painted Finishes

Gortite Roll Up Doors are made of the highest quality satin anodized finish, with optional paint finish.  Basecoat and Clearcoat process is used to exactly match your vehicle.

anodized finish

Superior Paint Process Protects against Chipping

Gortite’s paint process offers customers the ability to precisely match any vehicle color.  To prevent paint chipping, the “G-Rib” design increases clearance between the ribs along the front and back edges of the door.

Superior Protection against Leaking

The “G-Rib” design also has a polyurethane seal that rests up against the following rib creating a weather-tight seal when the door is closed.


Gortite Roll-Up Doors Brochure

Request for Quote Forms

 Gortite Roll-Up Doors Quote Request Form (Standard Compartments, See Technical Info below.)

 Multi-Axis Compartment Roll-Up Door ("Bread Box Style") - The typical application for a “bread box” style roll-up door is to provide convenient access to equipment located at the back of a work truck, such as hose reel or portable welder, but provide security when in transit to the work site. This style of door allows greater access to the sides and top
of the compartment. The “bread box” style door has been used in automation to isolate work processes or enclose machine tool changers. Dynatect will customize for each application. Max. Door Width: Approx. 5 ft. / Max. Door Length: 12 ft.

Installation Guides

Gortite Roll-Up Door Installation Manual

Power Lock Installation Manual for Recessed, P-Series, R-Series Type Side Rails (Rev 4)

Power Lock Installation Manual for Standard and Universal Type Side Rails (Rev 4)


Technical Information

Internal Height Minimum Depth Header Height* Roll Up Diameter Door Opening Width Maximum Internal Height
up to 25" 10.000 2.500 5.375 18" 30"
26" to 35" 10.500 2.500 6.000 19" 40"
36" to 50" 11.500 2.500 7.250 20" 56"
51" to 60" 11.875 3.875 7.750 21" 60"
61" to 70" 12.375 4.250 8.250 22"-27" 90"
71" to 90" 13.500 5.375 9.375 28"-32" 100"
91" to 104" 14.125 6.500 10.500 33" - 78" 110"

*Minimum header height is 2.500. Header heights shown can be used to better hide the rolled up door but are not necessarily required.

Roll up Door detail diagram

LED Lights - Bright, long-lasting and energy efficient lighting at 30 Lumens per LED. Wide 180º dispersion angle. Water and salt resistant. Meets NFPA 1901 standard.
LED lights

Magnetic Door Ajar Switch - Allows operator to know instantly if door is not securely closed.
magnetic door ajar switch

See-Through Slats - Rugged polycarbonate material. Suitable for interior or exterior compartments.
see-through slats on roll up door

Inside Opening Lift Bar - Simple, easy operation. Exclusive Gortite design.
lift bar

Power Lock - Compact design. Manual override in the event of a power failure.
power lock

Pull Strap - Ideal for tall doors.
pull strap

Manual Key Lock - Choice of standard key codes. Heavy-duty locks available for large doors.
manual lock key

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