Dynatect Repair Services

Quickly get back to maximum capacity and save money with Dynatect Repair Services. We offer full service repair service to bring your telescopic way covers and precision ball screws back to like-new condition.

Onsite engineering allows us to reverse engineer a cover when you need a replacement, or improve your cover design if you are experiencing chronic failure.

  • For all brands of way covers and ball screws

  • Expedited turnaround available

  • 70 years of experience manufacturing protective covers

  • Over 30 years of ball screw repair & manufacturing experience

  • We test and inspect before shipping the product back to you

  • We have the correct OEM parts in stock to rebuild your telescopic cover


  ► Ball Screw Repair      ►​Way Cover Repair


Retrofit & Replacement

Well-protected cables/hoses, precision ways, and screws keep your equipment running smoothly. We retrofit machines that run without protective covers or cable management by tailoring the product to your machine and application.

Replacement projects allow us to review material selection and make design improvements for your specific application. We replace any brand of cable carrier, ball screw, bellows, protective cover, or wiper profile. 

Successful retrofit and replacement projects are easier with a local, factory-trained Dynatect Representative that can review your application, make recommendations, record critical measurements, or show product samples. Alternatively, you can send Dynatect your existing cover for a design review and quotation.


• Largest variety of protective covers in North America
• Replace any brand of cable carrier to fit into your existing design
• Large inventory of OEM replacement wipers for telescopic covers
• Reverse engineering capability for replacements without prints


Ball Screw Repair

Way Cover Repair


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