Stock Way Wipers

Gortite Wipers save costly maintenance, reduce downtime, and prolong the service life of machine tool ways.  They are molded from abrasion and oil-resistant Buna-N elastomer. Four types of molded wipers and two types of steel edged way wipers are available from stock for fast delivery. 


Standard Molded Stock Way Wipers

All four types employ the same style wiping member and are available in standard 22" lengths, which can be easily cut to required lengths.  Oversized holes may be drilled in wiper and screws may be used to attach wiper to sliding member.  Use of oversized holes makes it easy to adjust the wiper closer to the way for extended service life.


  • Type A (part no. 220001) - Metal enclosed molded wiper with a finger spring to act as a chip guard
  • Type B (part no. 220002) - Molded wiper with metal strip bonded to one side
  • Type C (part no. 220003) - Molded wiper only. Recommend use of metal mounting plate
  • Type D (part no. 220004) - Molded wiper with light metal strip which acts as finger spring and chip guard


Additional Stock Wipers

  • Part no. K1505 – 96” Long
  • Part no. SK7062 – 3/4” Molded – 30” Long
  • Part no. SK7082-30 – Low Profile Molded – 30” Long


Gortite Steel Edge Knee Wipers

The oil resistant Buna N (Nitrile rubber wiper includes a molded in steel mounting plate plus a thin spring-steel guard along the length of the wiping edge. A unique wiper for tough applications where the aggressive properties of the spring-steel against the surface being wiped are required along with the flex of the Nitrile rubber hinge.  The wiper be used as a wiper or a light-duty scraper on uneven sheet metal applications. The wiper can be easily cut to the required length, and oversized holes may be drilled for easy installation and adjustment.

  • K4628 – Available in 27” lengths
  • K8839 – Available in 31.5” Lengths

Stock Way Wiper Dimensions

Type A, B, C & D Wipers:

Stock Way Wipers


Wipers K1505, SK7062 & SK7082-30:

Stock Way Wipers

Stock Way Wipers

Steel Knee Wipers K4628 & K8839:

Stock Way Wipers

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