Telaflex Way Cover Repair Service

Replacing metal way covers can be costly and is often unnecessary.  We can repair your damaged cover to OEM specs or better, faster than you can replace them with new - at a fraction of the cost.  

Local technical representatives are available to evaluate your existing protective covers and recommend improvements.   When critical parts require continuous protection while in operation, you can't afford to wait for a new cover. Contact us for more information regarding returning product for an estimate or to schedule an expedited repair.

Why Telaflex® Repair Service? 

  • Complete repair, reverse engineering, design and fabrication services available.
  • Single source supplier for all your repair needs
  • Prompt, accurate quotations
  • Expert analysis and diagnosis of chronic failures
  • Technicians with over 20 years production and repair experience
  • All covers are tested before shipment
  • Expedited service available for most repairs
  • Large inventory of replacement parts

Covers for domestic and imported machines reworked to like-new condition:

  • Repair Damaged Sections
  • Replace Riders or Rollers
  • Install New Wipers    
  • Replace Brass Wear Strips
  • Clean and Buff to Original Finish

OEM spec or better?

Telaflex® Repair does more than just restore your damaged covers to "like new" condition. After considering your existing cover design, application and machine environment, we use state-of-the-art technology, components, and manufacturing processes to deliver a restored cover that in many cases performs better than the original.

Way Cover Repair ServiceWay Cover Repair Service


Way Cover Repair Service



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