Stainless Steel Sliding Plate Cover

Ideally suited for protection from hot chips and weld splatter, Gorplate stainless steel protective covers provide an additional level of protection not available using conventional fabric bellows. This innovative system of stainless steel plates and monofilament connections creates a lightweight cost-effective system to protect linear rails, ways and machine elements from damage. The unidirectional monofilament plate connection provides uniform plate expansion in a low profile design. These covers have performed to one million cycles at up to 2G’s to ensure that they meet your high speed and high cycle requirements. Overall cover depth is approximately 1 inch with the capability of manufacturing cover widths as narrow as 7 inches. For use in horizontal and vertical applications, Gorplate is an ideal alternative to sliding plate systems that are prone to locking.    ► Download Data Sheet

Ideal for use in applications with tight space restrictions, to protect equipment from from heavy chip loads and weld splatter.


  • Non-Corrosive Stainless Steel
  • Low Profile
  • Light Weight
  • Mild Steel Side Rails and End Plates Included (stainless steel option available)
  • Quiet Operation
  • Excellent extended to retracted ratios


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  • Gorplate- Stainless Steel Sliding Plate Cover
  • Gorplate- Stainless Steel Sliding Plate Cover
  • Gorplate- Stainless Steel Sliding Plate Cover

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