Modular Weld Curtains

Providing protection up to nearly 90" off the floor, the modular weld curtain system is the most portable, modular and flexible free-standing system available.  The unique system design offers virtually any cell configuration for protection against UV radiation during welding. Custom sizes and mounting configurations are also available.


  • Protection against UV radiation during welding 
  • Portable, modular and flexible
  • Ease of work cell assembly
  • Unique free-standing design offers virtually any cell configuration

Specifications for Standard Modular Design:

  • Pedestal Dimensions: 20.4 in. X 20.4 in. x 10.25 in.
  • Mast Height: 94 in.
  • Shade Height:  74.5 in. / From Floor: 89.25 in.
  • Shade Extended Length: 144 in.
  • Shade Material: 0.014" PVC Film, Dark Green
  • Weight without Cement: 105 lbs.
  • Estimated Weight With Cement: 210 lbs.

Portable and Modular Weld Curtains Literature

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