Dynatect Roll Up Covers

Dynatect's Gortite® brand industrial roll up covers are available in a variety of fabrics, stainless steel, or flexible aluminum. Roll up shades can be delivered on a roller, or in a protective canister factory pre-loaded and ready to mount. Dynatect offers repair/refurbishment and reverse engineering services for all brands of roll up product.

Shade Rollers (Fabric Roll-Up Covers)Roll Up CoversRoll Up Covers

A roll up cover for light-duty protection, with a coated or uncoated fabric attached to a spring roller, with or without a protective canister.  Suitable for high speeds and acceleration.  Quote Request >


Alumaflex Apron Roll-Up CoversRoll Up Covers

Made of interlocking aluminum extrusions. Available as a free-hanging apron cover, on a roller or in a canister.  Alumaflex® is an upgrade to medium-duty protection over fabric shades. Quote Request >


Steelflex® Standard | Medium-Duty Metallic Roll-Up Cover Roll Up Covers

Offering minimal deflection over wide spans, a Steelflex® guards against moderate hot chip and coolant loads. Quote Request >


Steelflex® Walk-On Pit/Way Roll-Up Cover Roll Up Covers

Steelflex covers are available as a heavy-duty, retractable, walk-on style cover with minimal deflection. Applications: covering machine ways or pits. 
PIT COVER Quote Request > 
WAY COVER Quote Request >


Tank Roll-Up Cover Roll Up Covers

Custom roll up tank covers consist of a take-up canister and a metallic or thermoplastic shade, depending on the contents of the tank. Quote Request >


Motorized Machine Curtain Roll-Up Roll Up Covers

We offer custom assemblies such as motorized machine curtains, which integrate standard and custom components to provide a complete solution, fully assembled and ready to install to minimize design and start-up costs. Quote Request >


Gortite® Aluminum Roll Up Door (For Truck Compartments)Roll Up Covers

Attractive, durable and light-weight aluminum roll up doors are ideal for fire trucks, emergency vehicles, work trucks and trailers. Made of strong, double-sided aluminum extrusions, available with a full complement of options. Quote Request >

Gortite Power Roll-Up Machine Door Roll Up Covers

Dynatect can produce a motorized door assembly from aluminum roll up doors. Quote Request >

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