Standard Bellows

Standard bellows are available without tooling charges or minimum order quantities and shipments are typically made within 3 business days. A selection of specific I.D. and O.D. and extended/retracted lengths can be chosen from the pages below.  Accessories for easy mounting, such as snap-in collars, back up plates, and clamps, can be ordered as needed.  Construction options are standard Gortite sewn and Gortiflex molded.  In addition to stock sewn rod boot sizes, there are select round sewn bellows that can be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks lead time in customer-specified extended lengths. 


Round-profile shaped enclosed bellows are available in common cylinder rod sizes in standard sewn construction, made of rugged neoprene coated nylon fabric.  Gortiflex convoluted tubing and die set shields are also available in several stock sizes.  Gortiflex convoluted tubing is a seamless elastomer protective cover, used for screws, rods, ball bushings or any application requiring protection against chips, dirt grit etc.  Units can also be applied as flexible connections where vibration, movement, or misalignment is involved. 

Gortiflex Die Set Shields

Gortiflex Convoluted Tubing

Sewn Cylinder Rod Bellows


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