Thermiseal Bellows

Thermiseal bellows are made from polyurethane films or polyurethane-coated fabrics bonded together by thermic weld process. Available in any size or shape (e.g. round, oval, rectangular, strip-type, way cover). The standard shape is round, but other shapes are possible with nominal tooling for new designs.


 Enclosed-Shape Bellows RFQ 

 Flat/Strip-Type Bellows RFQ 

 Way Cover Bellows RFQ

 Thermiseal Bellows Literature

  • Thermiseal Welded Thermoplastic Bellows
  • Thermiseal Welded Thermoplastic Bellows
  • Thermiseal Welded Thermoplastic Bellows

Features & Benefits:

  • Attractive, clean, uniform appearance – no stitch holes or breaks
  • Excellent extended to retracted ratio
  • Generates minimal airborne particles
  • Air, dust and liquid tight
  • Suitable for high cycles and high-speed movement
  • Lightweight construction and superior extended to retracted ratio is ideal for covering sensitive measuring equipment

Typical Applications:

  •  Medical equipment
  • Semi-conductor equipment
  • Inspection and test equipment
  • Laboratories and clean environments

Materials: Polyurethane films and Polyurethanecoated fabrics 

Mounting Accessories: Hook & loop fastener, back-up plates

Enclosed-Shape Bellows RFQ

Way Cover RFQ

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