Welded Thermoplastic Bellows & Way Covers

Dynatect Thermiseal sealed bellows are made from polyurethane film bonded together by a thermic weld process. When additional strength is required, coated nylon-reinforced material can be used. Thermiseal covers are lightweight and completely sealed. Thermiseal covers are available as boots or way covers, in any size or shape (e.g. round, oval, rectangular, strip-type, way cover). Most shapes are available without tooling. Profiles of a unique shape might require a nominal tooling fee.

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Enclosed-Shape Bellows RFQ

Way Cover Bellows RFQ


  • Thermiseal Welded Thermoplastic Bellows
  • Thermiseal Welded Thermoplastic Bellows
  • Thermiseal Welded Thermoplastic Bellows

Features & Benefits:

  • Attractive, clean, uniform appearance – great as an aesthetic cover to conceal mechanical components
  • Excellent extended to retracted ratio
  • Generates minimal airborne particles
  • Air, dust and liquid tight
  • Can withstand high cycles and high-speed movement
  • Lightweight construction and superior extended to retracted ratio is ideal for covering sensitive measuring equipment


Typical Applications:

  • Medical equipment
  • Semi-conductor equipment
  • Inspection and test equipment
  • Clean room environments


  • Polyurethane films (color: black, thicknesses: 0.010”, 0.015”, 0.020”, 0.040”)
  • Polyurethane coated fabrics (Polyurethane-Nylon)
  • Vinyl/Polyesters


  • Hook & loop fastener

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