Sewn Bellows

Dynatect (formerly A&A Manufacturing) has manufactured Gortite sewn bellows for over 65 years using the same proven methods. Paying special attention to details allows us to optimize each cover for the best performance. Accordian-style sewn bellows are constructed with a wide variety of materials, chosen to match the application environment. Specially developed materials and threads are available for high ambient temperature or light weld spatter. Sewn bellows can be designed for any size or shape, with the advantage of no tooling charges.

Typical Applications:

  • Way and linear rail covers
  • Cylinder Rod boots (hydraulic cylinder protection)
  • Screw or spindle protection (ball screw, acme screw, lead screw)
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder covers
  • Protective covers for robotic arms
  • Shift/joystick boots
  • Lift table skirting

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Stock Bellows | Cylinder Rod Boots

A selection of common sizes (round profile) in 12-inch extended length increments are available from stock. Shipped in 1-3 business days. View cylinder rod boot sizes:

Stock Bellows

One-Day Shipping* | Quick Turn Service

​For rush shipment of qualifed standard sewn bellows (.018 Neoprene/Nylon or .030 Aluminized Carbon Fiber material only) within 1 business day for qualified orders. (The Quick Turn Service Promise may not be eligible for customers outside the United States due to export compliance requirements, but we will still treat your order as a rush.)

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  • Gortite Sewn Bellows
  • Gortite Sewn Bellows

Sewn Construction

Sewn construction is not liquid or air tight, but a liquid elastomer coating can be added to the seams to limit liquid seepage.  Also, this coating may extend the life of the cover by limiting thread exposure to the environment in severe applications. Individual segments of fabric are brought together with industrial strength Nylon or Kevlar thread, depending on the application.

Sewn bellows material choices include heavy-duty elastomer coated fabrics such as:

  • Aluminized Fiberglass (high ambient temperature, weld splatter, hot chips)
  • Buna/Nylon (coolant/oil resistance)
  • Goralon (CSM)
  • Neoprene/Nylon (general purpose, oil resistance)
  • Silicone-coated fiberglass (high ambient temperature, high cycle durability)
  • Teflon/Fiberglass (high temperature, weld splatter, hot chips)

Specialty materials are available for use with fire resistant hydraulic fluids, expanded temperature ranges and other special requirements.


Options & Accessories

  • Mounting clamps, for use with collars
  • Mounting plates, for use with flange-type ends
  • Hook & loop fastener
  • Tie strips, for measured opening and closing in longer travel covers
  • Internal guides (inserts) - used when covering a screw/spindle
  • Internal or external wire guides for added structural support (might be used in case of light pressure/vacuum or moderate airflow through bellows)
  • Grommets, for hanging support
  • Breather vents, for proper ventilation
  • Zipper added enclosed shaped bellows, for easy installation without dismantling your equipment

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(Round/Square/Oval Profiles)

Flat/Strip Bellows Cover 
(Flat bellows/no "legs", operates within guide channels)

Bellows Way Cover
(with stiffener profile, heat-sealed or stitched)

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Cylinder rod bellows with expedited service

 Lift Table Bellows/Cover

Field Applications

Dynatect supplied a silicone/fiberglass bellows for protecting a large hydraulic cylinder on a forging press. Additional features: tie strips, screen vents, internal steel rings (for maintaining shape) and a zipper for installation.


This sewn bellows was made to extend over 4 stories tall!


Dynatect sewn bellows on a telescopic pole, specially designed for outdoor conditions.


Dynatect sewn bellows designed to conceal the mechanism on a head rest.

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