Gortiflex Molded Bellows

Gortiflex molded bellows are constructed from a tube of pure elastomer or elastomer-coated fabric, formed into a completely sealed cover.  Internal and external supports can be provided for use at pressures up to 15 psi, depending on size.  Gortiflex is available as any enclosed bellow form (e.g. round, oval, rectangular with rounded corners, tapered), with numerous material options for standard and special applications.

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  • Gortiflex Molded Bellows
  • Gortiflex Molded Bellows
  • Gortiflex Molded Bellows
  • Gortiflex Molded Bellows
  • Gortiflex Molded Bellows

Features & Benefits:

  • Exceptionally durable molded cover
  • Neat appearance makes this cover ideal for aesthetic purposes
  • Excellent extended-to-retracted ratio for a molded cover
  • No tooling fee for standard shapes (nominal tooling for special shapes)
  • Ideal for OEM use on both prototype models and new designs
  • Withstands moderate internal or external pressure
  • Sealed construction resists moisture, liquid or chemical spray, contaminants and dirt
  • Superior protection in outdoor environments with exposure to moisture, ice, sand, oil, temperature variations and ultra violet radiation

Typical Applications:

  • Rod/ball screw covers
  • Expansion joints
  • Piping penetration seals
  • Compressor and engine intake and exhaust manifold connections
  • Fan duct connections


  • Materials available for temperature ranges of -100° F to 450° F
  • Base elastomer materials: Neoprene (Chloroprene), Goralon (CSM), nitrile, silicone/fiberglass, butyl, Viton, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)
  • Optional support materials: Nylon, Kevlar
  • Special material options: Neoprene available as flame retardant (FR), food grade (FG) or low-temperature rating


  • Breather vents
  • Zipper
  • Internal guides
  • Internal or external wire reinforcements

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