Gortite Folded Bellows

Folded Covers are often used in applications requiring the cover to be air and light tight, such as laser bellows. These covers can also be used in applications requiring bellows to be able to handle internal or external pressure and motion. Folded covers can be constructed out of elastomer or thermoplastic materials. Square or rectangular designs can be tapered, including offset configurations.  Folded bellows are available as an enclosed-shape bellow in any flat-sided form (all shapes except round).  An alternative, lower cost option is a single-layer folded construction, made from thermoplastic film.

  • Gortite Folded Bellows
  • Gortite Folded Bellows
  • Gortite Folded Bellows
  • Gortite Folded Bellows
  • Gortite Folded Bellows

Features & Benefits:


  • Completely sealed from light, air and dirt penetration
  • High durability - can withstand high cycles and high-speed movement
  • No tooling charges


Typical Applications:

  • Vertical, horizontal or cross-rail protection for machine components and ways
  • Laser beam paths, air ducts, cameras, copy machines, enlargers, imaging equipment
  • Operating environments involving weld splatter, heavy chip loads, abrasives, and hot sparks that would quickly damage a traditional bellows


  • Aluminized/Polyester
  • Buna/Nylon Food Grade
  • CSM(Goralon)/Polyester
  • Neoprene/Nylon (general purpose, oil resistance)
  • Polyurethane/ Ballistic Polyester
  • Specialty: PTFE

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