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Protective Bellows Covers

Dynatect designs & manufactures custom bellows and way protectors for all industries and applications. Trusted Dynatect brands include Gortite bellows (made in the USA) as well as bellows manufactured in Germany (MFB Technik).

Stock/Standard Bellows: Certain sizes of Gortite sewn bellows and Gortiflex bellows are available from stock for fast delivery.

Custom Application BellowsArticulation joint bellows for buses and light rail, transportation bellows developed for traction motor ventilation and ducting, camera/light-tight bellows, scissors/lift table coverslaser beam path bellows and more.  

Way Protection: Heat-Sealed Bellows are a great option when a standard way protector is needed. Gordillo option (stainless steel plates attached to each convolution) can be added in more severe environments.


Types of Bellows/Construction Methods

The Dynatect family of products has the most methods of manufacturing bellows available on the market:

  • Vulcanized and sealed Bellows
  • Molded bellows (dip-molded, compression, and more)
  • Traditional stitched/sewn bellows
  • Heat-sealed & folded accordian bellows
  • Wire-frame and metal-reinforced bellows

Therefore, if you are looking for an unbiased recommendation, let Dynatect assist with sourcing a functional and cost-effective solution with reasonable lead times.

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