GortiteĀ® Protective Bellows

Bellows Applications

  • • Protect valuable components from abrasives and liquids (Machine way cover and ball screw protection)
  • • Covering pinch points (medical lift or scissors lift table)
  • • Concealment of mechanical part for aesthetic purposes (medical equipment, shift or joystick boot)
  • • Air flow or ducting (traction motor boots, engine exhaust/cooling)
  • • Flexible seal between two joints with relative movement (bus bellows)
  • • Simple protection against dust and light particles (lab and metrology equipment)
  • • Light-tight and particle isolation (laser or camera bellows)
  • • Custom passageway bellows for mobile buildings or containers

Types of Bellows (Manufacturing Methods)

Dynatect's line of custom-engineered bellows provides a wide choice of manufacturing methods (e.g. stitched, dip-molded, formed, vulcanized, sealed, etc.)

Bellows According to Shape

Dynatect designs and manufactures bellows in any size or shape for all industries and applications.

Bellows Catalog

Gortite® Protective Covers Video

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