GortiteĀ® Protective Bellows

Bellows are flexible protective covers that are sometimes referred to as rod boots or even accordion bellows, due to their convoluted shape that allows for uniform compression in the retracted position. 

Dynatect designs and manufactures bellows in any size or shape for all industries and applications. Dynatect's line of custom-engineered bellows provides a wide choice of materials and manufacturing methods

What are bellows used for?

  • • Protect valuable components from abrasives and liquids
  • • Covering pinch points
  • • Concealment of mechanical part for aesthetic purposes
  • • Air flow or ducting
  • • Flexible seal between two joints with relative movement

What are some bellows applications?

  • • Machine way cover and ball screw protection
  • • Laser bellows
  • • Cameras and imaging equipment 
  • • Tilt or medical lift table
  • • Lab and metrology equipment
  • • Shift/joystick boots
  • • Transportation bellows
  • • Medical bellows

Looking for Rubber Bellows?
Most bellows are manufactured from synthetic rubber materials such as Neoprene or CSM based materials. The manufacturing process varies (stitched, dip-molded, formed, vulcanized, sealed, etc.)

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