Pneumatic Slip Clutch

Polyclutch pneumatic slip clutches are air-actuated versions of the Polyclutch mechanical slip clutch. The Slip-Aire pneumatic slip clutch has the same long-life friction plates as the mechanical slip clutch, assuring constant torque or tension.  Air actuation is used to engage or disengage, or to vary the torque during operation.  Torque capacities reach a higher range than comparably sized mechanical clutches.

Pneumatic Slip Clutch

SLIP-AIRE Pneumatic Slip Clutch

  • Can be adjusted remotely while the machine is in operation to accomplish quick, repeatable, accurate setup
  • Can accommodate shaft sizes up to 0.625”
  • Torque capacities of up to 300 lb-in
  • Fixed, adjustable and custom designs

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