Custom Precision Ground Ball Screws

Dynatect custom-manufactures precision ground ball screws for both new designs (OEM) as well as replacement applications.  Our customization will minimize the need for you to retrofit or adjust other components. 

You are not "locked in" to a few ball screw and nut designs in a catalog. Our engineers will work with you to build your assembly to your specifications. New ball screw assemblies can be manufactured by: drawings, a sample unit, or with the specifications you provide us (see our RFQ form)

Our fully automated CAD system allows us to design and modify in real time, meaning we can deliver a solid model early in your design process.

Ball screw diameter and lead sizes are offered in both imperial and metric sizes.

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  • custom ball screws precision ground manufactured by Dynatect LSI
  • custom ball screws precision ground manufactured by Dynatect LSI
  • custom ball screws precision ground manufactured by Dynatect LSI
  • Dynatect specializes in long length and large diameter ball screws
  • full service ball screw repair service Dynatect LSI

High Precision - Ball screws manufactured up to ANSI Class 2 or DIN/JIS Class 1 specification in our ISO9001-2008 certified manufacturing facility. 

Large Diameters, up to 6 inches - Screw diameters from 5/8” to 6” (16mm to 150mm). Larger diameters may be available upon request.

Long Screw Lengths - Available in virtually any length. (Our longest ball screw is 54 feet in length.)

“Zero Lost Motion” Solutions - We customize your design to minimize backlash and eliminate deadband.

Internal Ball Return - Our internal ball return design gives you the following benefits:

  • Optimal life – balls travel in paths that are tangent to the pitch, resulting in longer life and reduced wear
  • Higher operating speeds – travel path increases permissible speed
  • Smooth operation and low noise – balls spend less time traveling unloaded
  • Cost-effective design – a single component which allows for smallest overall package sizes
  • Ease of installation – components protected by design means low risk of damage during installation
  • Note: External tube ball return designs can be provided to accommodate shorter length nut designs and multistart screws can be provided for long lead – high capacity applications.

Full Customization - Your ball screw will be configured with the options you specify, and can be further customized for a complete solution that is quick and easy to install, saving you time and money.

Customization Options:

  • Ball nut style/configuration (single or double nut, 2-piece flange to flange nut, middle flange nut. see below)
  • Internal or external ball returns
  • Wipers and end seals
  • Custom journal ends 
  • Custom housing and mounting blocks

Ball Nut Configurations

For standard ball nut styles are available. Internal and external returns can be applied to all styles.

Single Nut (1 piece)

Single Nut Illustration

Middle Flange Nut (1 piece)

Middle Nut Illustration

Double Nut (2 pieces)

Double Nut Illustration

Flange to Flange Nut (2 pieces)

Flange to Flange Nut Illustration



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End Cap Return 

Single circuit with multiple turns.

  • Best for long lead applications where lead is greater than 50% of the screw diameter
  • Smaller overall package space versus external tube design
  • Best design for balancing life and load

Internal Button Return

Single turn with multiple circuits.

  • Good for typical lead and diameter combinations
  • Smallest overall package space versus end cap and external tube returns
  • Best design for balancing life and speed


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Ball Screw Assembly Diagram


Ball Screw Mounting Styles

Four standard mounting styles are available. Fixed ends offer the highest column load support and the highest resistance to vibration. 


Fixed Free Mount Illustration


Fixed Support Illustration


Support Support Illustration


Fixed Fixed Illustration


Specifying a Ball Screw

Accurately specified ball screws perform reliably and maximize life.  Beyond basic dimensions, operating conditions such as load, speed, and duty cycle should be taken into consideration.  Our local sales representative and onsite engineering are ready to assist you with your next project.

Our Quote Process

There are a few options to get started on a quote for your next ball screw replacement, OEM design or repair need:

1) Send us your print or specifications; you also have the option to send your old ball screw to us to reverse engineer and quote – just fill and print a shipping label and review our shipping requirements.

2) Use our ball screw quote request form. Our specification form is designed to save you time by gathering information to design a custom ball screw for your specific application requirements.  Although our form is comprehensive, there may be sections that are not applicable, especially if you already have a dimensional drawing. You can call us at anytime for assistance: 800-298-2066

3) You can also speak to application specialists about any questions or concerns.

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