Dynatect LSI (Lead Screws International)

In 2013, Dynatect (A&A Manufacturing at the time) acquired Lead Screws International, Inc., becoming Dynatect Lead Screws International (“Dynatect-LSI”). Dynatect LSI is located in Traverse City, MI and serves customers throughout North America. Established in 1985, LSI has repaired screw assemblies for over 30 years. The 44,649 square foot facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified, fully equipped with state-of-the-art machining and thread grinding equipment, inspection, testing and research and development equipment.

Dynatect LSI manufactures precision ground ball screw assemblies that are custom engineered for each application. Whirled ball screws and full service repair and reverse engineering are available for nearly any type of screw and brand. LSI can repair non-LSI brands as well as acme and lead screws. Dynatect LSI specializes not only in repair, but the manufacture of new screws that are very large in length or diameter. LSI manufactures high precision ball screws, customizing each screw assembly to meet the performance requirements of its customers’ applications.

Ball Screw Repair

Custom Ball Screw

LSI's manufacturing equipment is dedicated to the manufacture and repair of precision ball screw assemblies. 

From left/top: Drake 4M Thread Grinder, Hembrug Lathe, Leistritz High Precision Whirling Machine, Mori Seiki 7-Axis Mill Turn



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