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Cable & Hose Carriers

Model Specifications:

Nylatrac Plastic:

Nylatrac KO Series
Nylatrac KS Series
Nylatrac NP Series
Nylatrac NSB Series
Nylatrac NXL Series
Nylatrac P/PH Series
Nylatrac SP Series
Nylatrac TL Series
Nylatrac TSC Series
Nylatrac TS Series


Nylatube & Gortube:

Nylatube KLE Series
Nylatube KOE Series
Nylatube N Series

Gortube Series


Gortrac GX Series
Gortrac MRC Series
Gortrac SA Series
Gortrac SB/SC Series
Gortrac SRC/LRC Series
Gortrac SX Series
Gortrac XL Series
Gortrac XX Series


Slip Clutches

Precision Ground Ball Screws

Elastomer Products

Protective Covers, Wipers, Roll Up Doors, and Special Application Products

Bellows & Lift Covers

Steel Covers & Way Wipers

Roll Up Covers & Doors

































Product catalog

Product Catalog

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