Sales & Distribution for Europe

Headquartered in Schwaig, Germany, near Munich, Dynatect Halltech GmbH is a leading provider of machine protection products in Germany and in Europe.  Dynatect expanded its capabilities to support North American customers with operations in Europe by means of the acquisition of Halltech GmbH. Furthermore, this acquisition allows Halltech to offer a broader range of products to existing and new European customers.

Website and Web Shop for Europe

Dynatect Halltech offers local technical support to its existing and prospective customers in Germany and Europe with its headquarters near Munich, a network of representatives throughout Germany, and local manufacturing. Visit the website for Dynatect Europe in the English language version (shop.dynatect.com) or the German language version (shop.dynatect.de). Molded bellows and way wipers are available for purchase through the website's web shop.

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