Overview of the specification process for your next custom molded product:

  1. You send us an initial inquiry, including a description of the application, intended use and part quantity.  This may include a drawing and material specification, or you may send us a photo of an existing part.
  2. We review your application information to verify our capabilities are a match for what you need, and gather further information.
  3. You supply a part drawing (or sample part, in some cases).
  4. If a piece price is required before tooling can be quoted, we send you an estimate within days.
  5. After receipt of your drawing (or sample part), we send you the final quote, including mold tooling costs.


Design support from our engineers and in-house material and process experts.

  • Engineering expertise in processes and material selection
  • Engineering support for OEM part/prototype design
  • Part re-engineering for mechanical feature enhancement and possible cost reductions
  • In-house formulation expertise with over 100 years of combined elastomer experience
  • In-house quality control and physical testing lab


Involving us early in the design process can lead to cost savings.

Ro-Lab works with you to improve every part of the component life cycle.  When we are involved early in the design cycle, we can make suggestions regarding the part design that makes it easier and less expensive to manufacture.

  • We will work with you to optimize the mechanical features of the part
  • We may be able to design the part to reduce the cost of the tooling if we have early input


Contact us:

To assist you in selecting the materials and molding capabilities for your needs contact the specialists at Ro-Lab.

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