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Elastomer Products

Rubber & Urethane Elastomer Products
Dynatect Ro-Lab (Formerly known as Ro-Lab American Rubber) is a leading specialist in compounding and producing custom elastomer products of smaller sizes and high volumes, and large-scale parts. Rubber and urethane products are sold into a diverse range of end markets including: machine tool, oil and gas technology, medical, automation, construction, agriculture and transportation.  The toughest challenges in elastomer compounding and production routinely come to Dynatect, thanks to a complete in-house capabilities that stretch from design consulting and custom material formulation to precision molding, finishing and beyond.

Dynatect fulfills unique and challenging application needs with specialized equipment, extensive production expertise, and deep polymer chemistry knowledge.  Whether your part needs to be re-engineered, or you just want some support for designing an OEM prototype, we are eager to use unmatched excellence to create a well-designed, functional product that works for you.

Specialties in Elastomer Capabilities:

  • Insert molding – superior ability to mold metals, textiles or ceramics into rubber and polyurethane as functional inserts
  • Custom material formulation – custom polymer blends are created and tested to conform with your requirements for durability, flexibility and Elasticity
  • Precise tolerances and special finishes – adhering to the strictest dimensional standards in molding, including RMA-A1
  • Exceptional sizes and thicknesses – we can produce extra large and extremely small components, with consistent performance in both very thin and exceptionally thick forms.

Molding Processes:



A&A Manufacturing

A&A Manufacturing now has a new trade name and brand mark. Our well-established product line brands, including Gortite, Gortrac, Polyclutch, LSI, Ro-Lab, MFB Technik, and Halltech, are now an integrated part of Dynatect Manufacturing.

Dynatect has always been the leader in design and manufacturing of range of dynamic equipment protection. Our unified brand better communicates what we do: design and manufacture protective devices for equipment and people globally.

You will enjoy the same standard of service, design and engineering support that you expect, and that have made us the largest manufacturer of protective equipment in the United States.

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