Molded Elastomer Products

Ro-Lab Custom Molded Rubber & Urethane

The Ro-Lab division of Dynatect has developed a reputation for solving problems. Our customers will develop a product or process that requires an elastomeric component, or one that creates a condition requiring an elastomeric solution. We pride ourselves on being able to respond to these needs. As a result of our vertical integration, we are able to meet our customers’ requirements by drawing from our experience in all phases of rubber and polyurethane production.

Equipment and Molding Capabilities

At Dynatect Ro-Lab, we have over 100 presses with capacities to handle large components and high volumes. We also perform in-house blending of polymers to meet customers’ durability, flexibility and elasticity requirements. Our quality control laboratory allows us to maintain strict control of material composition and purity. In addition, we have specialized equipment for continuous molding and for pressings requiring very high pressure.

More Presses For Greater Molding Options

  • 75+ rubber molding presses: capacities from 40 to 2500 tons, presses up to 80" wide, platen sizes up to 20' long
  • Polyurethane dispensing machines to 40lbs./min.
  • 23 urethane molding presses with capacities from 5 to 250 tons (compression molding); platen sizes up to 24" x 24", and oven capacities to 2880 cubic feet (20' x 12' x 12')
  • Banbury internal mixing equipment for production and testing of custom elastomer blends
  • In-house plastic injection molding capability

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