Plastic Cable Carriers & Hose Carriers

Nylatrac® and Nylatube® plastic cable carriers are molded from high-strength glass-filled nylon or special polymers. These carriers are highly durable, corrosion resistance, and are suitable for applications requiring high speed/ acceleration and/or long travel operation.

  • Nylatube enclosed plastic carriers include the KOE Series (smallest), N Series (wide variety of sizes), and the KLE Series (very robust, medium to large link).
  • • Standard Nylatrac (KO, KN, SP, KS, P, PH, NP & KL Series) feature a “snap-together” link construction which allows easy adjustment of length and repair.
  • • Modular Nylatrac (NSB, NSC, TSC, TS, TL, NXL Series) are designed for greater strength with multiple lock-out points and locking hubs, and have the widest variety of accessories, including lids for an enclosed link option.

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