Gortube Series

Gortube carriers are fully enclosed, designed from conduit-style metallic tubing. With the exception of optional cavity separators, they feature all-metal construction. The Gortube line is excellent for hot chip applications, smooth running operation and for aesthetic applications.

  • Designed to protect against hot chips, swarf, cutting oils and lubricants
  • Smooth, low-noise operation; suitable for faster speeds and accelerations
  • Construction options for high temperatures, corrosive environments, or
  • Multi-axis and rotational applications
  • Optional black oxide finish
  • Wide range of sizes – 24 different size/radius combinations
  • Optional Construction Types (consult factory for lead times): Amflex (inner band), riveted, no band

Inside Width (A): 1.02" to 8.43" | 25.91 to 214.12 (mm)

Inner Height (B): .63" to 4.09" | 16.0 to 103.89 (mm)

Mounting Height (H)  5.15" to 23.75" | 130.81 to 603.25 (mm)

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How To Create A Part Number: Model Number • Height • Length" • Flange Type (specify both ends)

Sample Part Number: C1 • 9 • 36" • STD#1/STD#1

Gortube Series Carrier Cross Sectional View

Gortube Series

A= Cavity Width (bar/inside width) | B= Cavity Height (inside height) | C= Outer Width | D= Outer Height

Carrier Side View

Gortube Series

H= Curve Height | CL= Curve Length | K= Depot | R= Bend Radius



Standard Flange Diagram & Dimensions

Gortube Series

A Type Flange Diagram & Dimensions

Gortube Series

B Type Flange Diagram & Dimensions

Gortube Series

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