Gortrac SB/SC Series

The SB and SC series are small metallic carriers. Made of steel links with aluminum crossbars, the SB and SC carriers are lightweight and excellent choices for mobile construction equipment, machine tools, and medium duty industrial applications.

Inside/Cavity/Bar Width (A): Customer Specified

Inner Height (B): Range: .62" to 1.38" | 15.75 to 34.93 (mm)

Mounting Height (H): Range: 5.5" to 13.25"| 139.7 to 336.55 (mm)

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How To Create A Part Number:

Model Number • Bar Type • Bar WidthHeight • Number of Separators • Length" • Bracket Arrangement

Sample Part Number:

SB • RB • 3.00 • 55 • 1 • 48" • 1 • IN (specify bracket flange: inward (IN) or outward (OUT))

Cross Bar Styles

  • PR = Poly Roller (over bolted aluminum round bar)
  • RB = Aluminum Round Bar

Carrier Cross Sectional View

A= Cavity Width (bar/inside width)  |  B= Cavity Height (inside height)  |  C= Outer Width  |  D= Outer Height

Carrier Side View

SB/SC Series
H= Curve Height  |  CL= Curve Length  |  K= Depot  | R= Bend Radius

Standard Mounting Bracket Arrangements


Bracket Flange Mounting Hole Location


Bracket Mounting Hole Dimensions (Top View)

A (customer specified)= Cavity Width (bar/inside width)







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