Gortrac Steel Carriers & Drag Chains

Gortrac metallic cable carriers (a.k.a. drag chains) are manufactured from plated or stainless steel. Gortrac® offers both robust, heavy-duty link designs as well as innovative lightweight and high-strength designs.

Gortrac Advantages:

  • • Excellent load-bearing and unsupported travel capability (depending on carrier load)
  • • Longer travels can be achieved with Gortrac® Long Travel Support Systems
  • • Unique, patented link designs reduce parts and simplify construction while providing the strongest carriers, at lighter weights, relative to size
  • • Manufactured from plated or stainless steel – our zinc dichromate plating process offers 70% better corrosion resistance than standard zinc plating
  • • Open-style, self-cleaning designs allow dirt and debris to be expelled from the carrier, and leave cables/hoses open to regular inspection
  • • Enclosed-style designs (with bolted aluminum lid armor plates) protect cables/hoses from heavy abrasive and hot chip loads  (SRC, LRC, XX and XL Series)

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