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GORTRAC Metal Cable Carriers

GORTRAC metal cable carriers offer a durable alternative to plastic solutions for heavy-duty or unique and challenging applications. Innovative carbon or stainless steel cable carriers provide superior strength-to-weight ratios and maximum unsupported spans. Fully-enclosed Gortube® brand cable and hose carriers offer the best protection from hot and abrasive elements and liquids, and can operate at faster speeds and accelerations. Several lightweight steel cable and hose carrier designs are competitively priced with plastic, while providing significantly greater strength than similar-sized plastic cable carriers.

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A&A Manufacturing

A&A Manufacturing now has a new trade name and brand mark. Our well-established product line brands, including Gortite, Gortrac, Polyclutch, LSI, Ro-Lab, MFB Technik, and Halltech, are now an integrated part of Dynatect Manufacturing.

Dynatect has always been the leader in design and manufacturing of range of dynamic equipment protection. Our unified brand better communicates what we do: design and manufacture protective devices for equipment and people globally.

You will enjoy the same standard of service, design and engineering support that you expect, and that have made us the largest manufacturer of protective equipment in the United States.

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