Metal Cable Carriers & Hose Carriers

Metal cable carriers, also known as cable track, are a durable alternative to plastic solutions for heavy-duty or unique and challenging applications. Innovative carbon or stainless steel cable carriers (a.k.a. drag chains) provide superior strength-to-weight ratios and maximum unsupported spans. Several lightweight steel cable and hose carrier designs are competitively priced with plastic, while providing significantly greater strength than similar-sized plastic cable carriers.

Most Gortrac® steel carriers are open link designs, but several series are available as enclosed cable carriers with armor plate lid options. For armor plates options/ enclosed cable carriers, see the Gortrac SRC/LRC, XX and XL Series.  

Gortube® brand carriers are fully enclosed and range from small to large cavity sizes. Gortube® chains protect cables and hoses from hot and abrasive elements, and can operate at faster speeds and accelerations. 

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